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  Fire Incidents on Port Angeles
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Fire Incidents on Port Angeles slows business down

On the night of Sep 22nd, 2014, Port of Los Angeles had a fire blaze with a plum of toxic fumes that led to closures and delays for many businesses. 

According to local reports, a welding torch started a fire that burned a chemical-coated pier over night on Wilmington Dock of Port of Los Angeles, and more than 150 firefighters are trying to keep the fire in control.

As of now, Sep 23rd, 1:00pm (CST), all container terminals at the Port of Los Angeles have been closed due to heavy smoke and remain closed for more hours. 

No actual cargo damages are detected due to this fire; however this fire will worsen the LA port congestion problems; there will be a large number of delays and inconvenience for warehouses and deliveries at the ports. 

Therefore, additional delays are expected.


Please be wary and inform to customers.


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